What is paracord?

Paracord was originally used as parachute cord in WWII. Now it has become a widely used utility cord that is weatherproof, does not smell or rot. Paracord is strong, Type III cord (used in Nosu collars) can take up to 249 kg, Type I cord (used in Nosu bracelets) can take 49 kg. 

What materials are used in Nosu collars?

Nosu collars are braided of high quality paracord Type III manufactured in the US. For fixed collars we use Alu-Max™ aluminium buckles, designed and manufactured in Germany. Aluminium buckles are significantly stronger than plastic alternatives. For adjustable collars we use stainless steel belt buckles that are specifically meant for horse and dog supplies. All the O-rings and D-rings are made of welded stainless steel. The adjustable strap is made of BioThane®, a leather-like synthetic material that exceeds the durability and strength of leather.   

How to look after Nosu collars and bracelets?

Paracord is pretty low maintenance material. We recommend washing Nosu products with cool water and using soap when required. Let the products air dry flat. 

Please note that warm water and salt water may cause paracord to shrink about 10%. 

How to choose the collar size?

Please see the guidelines in the image below. The guidelines are for fixed collars, however, the measurement for an adjustable collar should be the same. When ordering an adjustable collar, select a size that allows adjusting the collar up and down. The collars are adjustable with 2 cm steps. For conversion between cm and inches, please see the table below

How to choose the bracelet size?

Measure your wrist where you would like the bracelet to sit, usually just above the wrist knuckle. Please see the photo and the size conversion table below. To your ordered size we add 5 mm for comfort when making the bracelet. Please consider this when choosing the size.

How long does it take for us to make your order?

All of our products are handmade. We do not hold a stock and make every item per order. Usually we make the items within 10-14 working days from placing the order. We do try to make the orders as soon as possible. During busy periods it may take a few days longer. We aim to bring you the best possible products and take time to finish every single item so that you would get the perfect item.

What are the approximate shipping times?

Estonia 3 working days
EU 5-7 working days
US 7-20 working days
The rest of the world - could be up to 30 days

Can you return or replace ordered Nosu products?

Yes, we do accept returns for all the standard products and sizes. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns for any of the custom made orders. For the exact conditions please see the terms and conditions.